Our Mission

The mission of Eagles Group Security in Egypt is to provide an integrated security system, in terms of human resources and technology to guard and secure all establishments (factories - tourist villages - hotels - banks - embassies - malls), as well guarding and securing VIP persons, tourist groups, in addition to guarding and security conferences and meetings

Who We Are ?

Eagles Group Security (formerly Egyptian Group for Security Services) is one of the top companies in Egypt authorized by the Ministry of Interior to work in the field of security and guarding, upon license No.55/2017, performing security services with professionalism and efficiency.

Why us ?

Eagles Group Security was established on the hands of a distinguished selection of military and police officers renowned for their discipline and competency in the field of security and guarding. They spent over 25 years working the different security bodies and made specialized studies in the same field. They are fully aware of security and guarding works and are assisted by a distinguished group of administrators and technicians.

Guard Standards

1- Age from 20 to 45

2- General appearance

3- Physical fitness and sound body

4- At least a post-secondary school degree for security officers and higher education degree for supervisors

5- Mastery of English language for managers and supervisors

6- The ability to work under pressure

7- Tactfulness and good behavior

Risk Evaluation

Eagles Group Security does the following

1- Regular study of security and risks status in the country, on a regular basis

2- Preparation of necessary reports for clients in times of risks to their nature of work

3- Setting sufficient emergency plans and providing sufficient support to secure all sites

Some of our clients