Eagles Group Security

Company Profile

Dear Clients,

Eagles Group Security (formerly Egyptian Group for Security Services) is one of the top companies in Egypt authorized by the Ministry of Interior to work in the field of security and guarding, upon license No.55/2017, performing security services with professionalism and efficiency. We strongly believe that our personnel are the backbone of the company. Therefore, Eagles Group is eager to raise the efficiency of all its employees in all the fields of the company, via careful choice of job candidates, and providing them with scientific and academic training to qualify them to act in all situations and under all circumstances.

Our vision is that Eagles Group Security becomes one of the top companies in its field, and become the most of committed and achieving of the desired goals of our clients.

The mission of Eagles Group Security in Egypt is to provide an integrated security system, in terms of human resources and technology to guard and secure all establishments (factories – tourist villages – hotels – banks – embassies – malls), as well guarding and securing VIP persons, tourist groups, in addition to guarding and security conferences and meetings of public and private authorities.

Management:- Egyptian Group for Security Services was established on the hands of a distinguished selection of military and police officers renowned for their discipline and competency in the field of security and guarding. They spent over 25 years working the different security bodies and made specialized studies in the same field. They are fully aware of security and guarding works and are assisted by a distinguished group of administrators and technicians. Hence, Eagles Group Security is managed by a select group of military and police officers distinguished by their competency and discipline in the field of guarding and security, assisted by a unique group of administrators and technicians. Eagles Group Security used a selection of trainers at the military and police forces, who made specialized studies in the field of guarding and security, to train the security personnel and supervisors at the company, to ensure provision of a distinguished security service.


1- Personnel who received higher education and post-secondary school degrees

2- The data of all personnel is registered at the database of the company to ensure ease of criminal and political inspection by specialized security bodies before working at the company

3- Medical, social and cultural examinations are conducted to select the best candidates who satisfy the specified requirements for hiring, in terms of honesty, integrity and loyalty

4- Good appearance, physical and mental fitness are taken into consideration when choosing personnel, to ensure appropriate behavior in different situations

5- All personnel and employees of the company are covered by social and medical insurance

6- Training courses are held for personnel to use the following:

(Sound guns – rubber clubs – wireless devices – metal detection – self defense without using weapons)

7- Continuous and regular training on rescue works and administrative evacuation

8- Continuous and regular training on fire extinguishing, occupational health and safety, and the best method in evacuation


The company, via a committee consisting of the following, recruits employees:

First: Human Resources Department: The first step of recruitment takes place when the applicant is interviewed to identify his skills and abilities that qualify him to work as a security guard or supervisor, hence, ensuring that he satisfies recruitment requirements, particularly, the criminal record to confirm that he has not criminally charged.

Eagles Group Security Requirements for Recruitment:

1- Age from 20 to 45

2- General appearance

3- Physical fitness and sound body

4- At least a post-secondary school degree for security officers and higher education degree for supervisors

5- Mastery of English language for managers and supervisors

6- The ability to work under pressure

7- Tactfulness and good behavior

Second: The Medical Committee:-

The medical committee examines the candidate to ensure that he is free from any disease that might prevent him from performing his work, and that he is medically fit to practice the work of security personnel.

Third: Higher Administration:

When the candidate passes the aforementioned interview and examinations, an interview with the higher administration of the company remains to approve or reject his recruitment letter.

When a candidate passes the test, he is employed upon a contract and is informed of all his duties at work via the training official at the company. After that, he moves to the site proposed in the recruitment letter, addressed to the site director who in turn sends a detailed report of the employee within one week from his employment, in order for us to identify his capacity to perform the assigned tasks.

Fourth: Follow-up:-

The top element of success and excellence of a security company is follow-up, which is carried out via:

1- The Site Supervisor: the supervisor distributes personnel, visits them and holds meetings before giving them shifts in order to inform them of their tasks, notify those who made mistakes and award those who excelled.

2- The Patrol Supervisor: his main responsibility is visit sites the company secures to ensure all instructions of the company are followed, such as wearing the uniform, the outer appearance, and all other previously mentioned instructions. In addition, he carries out monthly evaluation of all personnel at site. Hence, he awards excellent personnel and excludes low performers.

3- Operations:

1) Eagles Group Security owns an operations room fully equipped with the most recent communications and control devices

2) The operations department studies sites technically and the rate of turnover of personnel at sites

3) Timely sending and receiving information from and to personnel and supervisors at sites

4) Monitoring the execution of instructions and guidelines of the higher administration, and identifying the latest developments at sites

5) Preparation of daily reports and organized daily registration of the itinerary of general supervisors at the different sites of the company to identify the advantages and shortcomings at sites

6) Supporting any shortage at the company sites

7) Preparation of regular reports and submitting them to the executive department to take necessary actions

8) Continuous planning, organization and monitoring of special events, coupled with good preparation to ensure a distinguished security service

4- Training:

Training is a basic requirement for raising the level of performance of personnel, hence, improving the level of security and guarding services. This happens via honing the skills of personnel and giving them expertise that enables active and professional performance of their tasks. Therefore, the purpose of training is that security personnel reach a professional level. As Eagles Group Security is eager to develop personnel, the company provides the following training courses:

1- Main training courses (general principles – inspection – controlling entry and exit – evacuation)

2- Refresher courses planned by the operations manager on monthly basis to raise efficiency and transfer knowledge

3- Specialized courses (industrial security – first aid – civil defense – explosives)

4- Courses on use of electronic security devices, wireless devices and metal detection devices

The Company's Obligations:

Eagles Group Security is committed to the following:

1- Specific numbers pursuant to the concluded contract during its validity period

2- The uniform of the company according to the type of security specified in the contract

3- Changing any person rejected by the other party within 72 hours after identifying reasons

4- Social and medical insurance of security officers so that no monetary of administrative burdens are borne by the other party

5- Immediate reporting to security authorities (Police – Firefighters – Explosives Specialists) when required and determining the suspect object

6- Providing a control room at the operations center of the company to provide lines (cell phones – wireless)

7- The company is committed to a definite system of visiting personnel on regular basis to ensure their compliance and best performance of their duties 24 hours a day

8- Supervisors enter sites 24 hours a day in accordance with the geographical distribution to monitor personnel and their execution of work plans, as well as rotation of shifts

9- Providing books for registration at sites (events – statuses – services)

Risk Evaluation:-

Eagles Group Security does the following:

1- Regular study of security and risks status in the country, on a regular basis

2- Preparation of necessary reports for clients in times of risks to their nature of work

3- Setting sufficient emergency plans and providing sufficient support to secure all sites

Executive Manager:

Brigadier/ Osama Taher Mohamed